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Our Mango Tango is a luxurious body butter that's crafted with oils that will give your skin a rich glow leaving your skin moisturized and hydrated. Our formula is non-greasy and melts onto your skin. Our Vegan shea butter restores elasticity and naturally softens/nourishes the skin. Mango fragrance is delightful and smells yummy. 

Directions: Easily apply our Mango Tango butter on skin and nails for nourishment and protection against dryness. 

IMPORTANT: The natural ingredients used to make this product are heat sensitive. May melt if left in direct heat. If body butter melts mix with a spoon and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then store in a cool dry place 

Shea Butter: Moisturizing, reduces inflammation, eliminates wrinkles, treats acne

Mango Butter: Mango butter heals, protects, soothes, repair dry skin

Sweet Almond Oil: Nourishes, moisturizer, great for shaving and cuticles

Jojoba Oil: Rejuevate the skin, protects against sun damage, treats eczema, and has the benefits of vitamin E 

Avocado Oil: Relieves itching, protects from sunburn and over tanning, prevents/protects from acne

This product is intended for the skin but can be used on hair.



  •Handmade, Organic, Vegan-goodness 

 • Mango scented 

 • Sweet almond oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Avacado oil, Raw shea butter, Olive oil,  hemp seed oil, Natural Fragrance, Mica, Shea butter, Mango butter, jojoba oil

 • Hair, Skin, & Nails

 • Lock in moisture after showering

 • Shaving cream

 • Eczema 

 • Dark spots/ hyperpigmentation

 • Psoriasis 

 • Hand cream 

 • Fades stretch marks

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