Today’s Self love Note & Regimen

Today’s Self love Note & Regimen

 Self Love Note

♡ Your feelings are valid !

♡ You are allowed to enforce your boundaries !

♡ You do not need anyone else's approval !

♡ You are capable of amazing things !

♡ You are enough!

Never be afraid to speak up, & doing what's best for you! Your time and boundaries are precious. 

For The Mind 

1. Re-read your favorite book

2. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers today

3. Write yourself a love letter 

4. Subconsciously recite " I am beautiful" 

For The Body

5. Drink water today 

6. Have a pamper session, mani/pedi, yes please!

7. Nourish your body with healthy cooked meals

8. Practice your skincare Regimen 

9. Take a long relaxing bubble bath 


For The Soul

10. Smile

11. Slow down and become present

12. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself 

13. Recite these words: " I am beautiful, I am radiant, I am unique, I have everything I need within me".

14. Say NO! when needed

15. Say no to negativity and negative thinking 




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